Painting of two cacti next to each other against a dark blue sky background. The larger one stands with one flower fully in bloom. The other is smaller and blossoming.
The print featured in a white frame atop a small metal table. The background is a tan textured wall and a few large leaves from a plant, potted out of view.

The Beauty of Life Print

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8"x10" Borderless fine art print. Features two cacti in memory of those lost and those left behind. Though painted during loss, this piece is meant to celebrate life and the beauty of love be it familial, platonic, or romantic.


Artist painted this in memory of her Grandad who passed due to cancer in 2020. He continues to be an inspiration to her to this day encouraging her as she pursues higher education, starts a new business, and carries on the musical family genes. She is grateful for his wisdom, his incredible wit, and his stubborn but fiercely loyal personality. May his memory carry on in this piece - dedicated to show death in a more positive light.