About Me

Since I could remember, my actions and decisions have been guided with an air of creativity and artistic flair. From scribbling on car mirrors with washable markers, to building my own Christmas ornaments, to drawing stick figures and animals, to finding my passion for art in painting, I’ve loved to create little expressions of myself.

In 2021, I decided to launch my art business after a friend of mine reached out to request a painting of her pup Gus in a Hawaiian shirt. Though I had never really taken on a serious commission or showcased my art to a wide audience, I decided to go for it (because what an absolutely adorable idea!). When the painting was complete I couldn't believe how much I loved it - I couldn't believe how much SHE loved it. So much so, that she ended up getting the painting tattooed!

It was such a rewarding feeling and I was flabbergasted that my work could mean that much to someone. I knew then that I wanted to continue spreading joy through art and dedicate time to starting my own business Art by Jacey, Colorful Expressions with original paintings, prints, and commissions. I started my business among friends and family members and then eventually opened up my own Instagram page (@art.byjacey) to see if there would be any community interest. Wowie I was not prepared! From that moment I’ve been astonished by the response; the support and commission requests are astounding!! 

I love what I do, I love expressing myself through art, I love people and hearing their stories and seeing what is important to them in life, I love bringing their ideas alive. We are all beautiful and unique, with rich history and diversity, challenges and accomplishments, love and sometimes loss. I strive to create art that speaks to you and also speaks of me. As a multi-racial and multi-ethnic bi woman of color, I am here to offer you a safe and supportive creative community and gallery.

Though I feel as though this journey has just started, I am humbled by my growth and by the generous out pour of love from the various art communities. I am grateful to your support and I am driven by your ideas. Please - if you have any requests or questions do not hesitate to reach out. 

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you feel the love and I hope you feel at ease. May you live a beautiful life rich in color : )